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John Jr. was well known in the Kansas City metropolitan area; a man for all seasons. He epitomized STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) in his day and throughout his life.  He studied at various times:

  • Science; in applied physics (a natural science) through aeronautics as a trained single-engine combat pilot graduate; as a Documented Original Tuskegee Airman.*

  • Technology; cinematography as a motion picture operator and a certified (DeVry Institute) electronics television repair technician.

  • Engineering as a graduate of United States Army Corp. of Engineering (topographic draftsman).

  • Art; received Bachelor and Master of Fine Art degrees from the Kansas City Art Institute (BFA ’54, MFA ’56).

  • Math; being a Certified Series 6 Financial Planner. (Math in engineering and science too.)

His early education was key to his success.  Support from parents, teachers, administrators and

even community expectations played vital parts in how he approached learning. He always

encouraged us and other youth to do our best throughout life.  


Later in life John Jr. visited primary schools and talked to fourth through six graders about

"Preparation": training as a combat pilot and having a plan to save money. Both topics included

a parachute.


We continue his legacy by working with school districts, administrators and teachers promoting

education; STEAM at the elementary and middle school levels.  We also pick up where he left off; 

introducing young people to basic money management principles as well as understanding the

dynamics of saving and the importance of having good credit.  You can't start too soon. 

Here's John Jr. reflecting on his combat pilot training and what he experienced in those military years traveling outside of Kansas City for the first time.  It would broaden his horizons and temper resolve in pursuing a quality of life as he grew older by "just having that drive". 

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