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Curiosity can lead to engagement through educational building blocks based on STEAM. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that motivates a child’s appetite for learning and encourages positive attitude as well as aptitude.  A collaborative effort with schools, teachers and subject-matter-experts in various STEAM areas will help us showcase tomorrow - today.

We are focusing on public schools in the Kansas City metropolitan area. A pilot program within a given school is our goal. Coordination with  administrators and feedback from teachers will help us calibrate John Jr.’s program with current curriculum.  We want a hand-in-glove relationship with schools.    


We want to promote education via STEAM in the classroom so that students look at school differently. Two tools will aid in telling John Jr.'s story: a biographical book and documentary. They have different purposes but their goal is the same: serve as motivational and inspirational tools that empower students to be curious about their world. 





We look at a period of time from 1920 to the early 60’s in John Jr.’s life. We've finished a video to tell our parents' story.


Their formative years (1930-1950) ran simultaneously with a period in time known historically as The Great Depression. "It was tough." - John Jr.


It looks at the educational environment in which John Jr. grew up. It made a difference. Times were constrained. Childhoods were short. His ability to submerge himself in education gave him focus. 


Segregation and Jim Crow laws were the norm for him and other people of color. It was part of growing up. His education was affected by it; yes in a positive way.  


Military service gave him an opportunity to experience different aspects and challenges of life throughout the country. 


Students today may relate to stressful family disruption John Jr. faced. That's why we are sharing it.  Check out the above trailer.


STEAM gave him a solid educational foundation upon which he built a life for himself and his family. That's the message.


John Jr. and Barbara Jean:
  "They had that



We have a story to tell about a life worth living. One that's animated and relatable to young minds. 


Our goal: Raise funds for students and teachers through book sales. The success of this endeavor will allow us to financially support and sustain our program; continue promoting STEAM in elementary and middle school classrooms.

We welcome your suggestions.


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