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We are fortunate to have an experienced group of individuals working to bring John Jr.'s formative years titled "John Jr. Walked (and sometimes flew) Through History" to life. The project is in post-production now. We have slipped our targeted completion date to 2021. Our STEAM Team is a creative, focused group of thinkers; masterful in their respective crafts. Here are their profiles:

Sean Winn, videographer


                                      Sean is a  sixteen-

                                      year veteran in the

                                      field of media and

                                      video. With his


                                      15|5 features, he

                                      specializes in brand

promotion through documentary video-style video production. His clients range from individuals to non-profit and corporations. 


Sean also founded and runs the veteran non-profit Patriot Features, creating short documentaries of veteran's service stories. He can be reached via his websites at:

Robert D. Adams,

tech & effects


Crayge Lindesay, recording engineer


Bobby began his musical training in elementary school under the tutelage of Mr. Leon Brady. He is an experienced percussionist having played on the national stage and internationally as well. He's a seasoned veteran who is a local icon of the KC musical scene. Bobby's growth led him to: song-writing, arranging and programming. He gives back by being an instructor at Oliver School of Music. He's also our baby brother. Contact him at: 

                               Crayge is an audio                                        and video                                                        producer, writer,



                                      technician and

                                      musician who works with professionals and mentors young aspiring artists developing their crafts.

Crayge has received many honors including:  UNESCO City of Music BAM Award 2019 for his lifetime works and contributions to artists' development, Platinum and Gold records for various artists. He has engineered recordings for many award winning artists for the past 40 years. You can reach Crayge here: 

Chester C. Owens, Jr. historian


                       Chester is an archivist and

                        curator of late 19th century,

                         historically black Western

                         University’s documents and

                         letters; a major contributor to KCK

                           Sumner High School’s historical 

                           artifacts and memorabilia.  He is

                           recognized as a Humanities Scholar  by HumanitiesKS; a sought after panelist and guest speaker on various topics concerning African Americans' contributions. He currently lends his expertise to an engaging historical project involving Wyandotte County and the area Community College: 

He was interviewed and recognized byThe History Makers, the nation's largest African American Video Oral History Collection in 2019. See his extensive profile compiled here:


Michael T. Patton, narrator

                        Michael is a retired secondary                                    school teacher of the Kansas                                City Public School District.  As                                 a classroom teacher and

                          union executive he called for

                        the increased participation of minorities in educational systems and has been an advocate for the continued inclusion of minority histories.


His activism has also been expressed in the arts.  Michael worked for several years instructing students for the Gems of 18th and Vine. He has performed with the Gorilla Theater Group and the Theater Gym.  His poetry is a reflection of his advocacy of art as a revolutionary necessity.


Michael currently serves as a member of the Arts Industry Sector Council; a group of artists and arts groups working to promote the arts in Kansas City. He also serves on several boards:  the African American Artists Collective and the Black Archives of Mid-America. Reach him at: 

Our STEAM Team members can also be contacted here:                     We'll pass your query to them.

                     Follow us here, on Facebook and Twitter for more information on our progress.

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